17 thoughts on “¡Simpsonisate!

  1. Nopes, porque no estaba seguro si se habia subido, en todo caso, quedo piola como triple mensaje, jajaja

    Un abrazo diecioshero!

  2. Ricardo: Buena la referencia a Los Simpsons, me costó acordarme del capítulo en cuestión.
    Marge: Now just a darn minute. This town is a part of who you are. This [holds one up] is a Springfield Isotopes cap. When you wear it, you’re wearing Springfield. When you eat a fish from our river, you’re eating Springfield. When you make lemonade from our tree, you’re drinking Springfield.
    Bart: Mom, when you give that lecture, you’re boring Springfield.
    Marge: Bart, you have roots in this town and you ought to show respect for it. This town is a part of us all. A part of us all. A part of us all! Sorry to repeat myself, but it’ll help you remember.
    [2F22 El limonero de troya]

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